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Sign up on AmplifiHub for free to own a personal online beat store, upload and manage your beats hassle free.

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With AmplifiHub, you can now sell your beats online to customers based anywhere in the world. All you need to do is just share your personal Beat store link with your customers and you're good to sell :).

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Withdraw your beat sale / work for hire earnings easily directly to your bank account. Just visit your withdrawal page.

Purchase African Samples / Loops On AmplifiHub

We are making available, samples and loops off of African hit songs by legendary African musicians like Saheed Osupa, K1 De Ultimate, Tope Alabi etc. from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Now you can make use of a looped sound or sample from your favourite songs of the past in your next beat making session.

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You make music? Got an album or a single to release? Can't afford music distribution fees? Amplifihub will pay the cost for you, while you distribute Free.

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Why Buy Beats From AmplifiHub?

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Try before buy

You get to listen to the beats before you even touch your wallet or credit card to make any purchase.

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We are the sound of Africa in ones and zeroes

Our producers got the best of African sounds so be rest assured that you're getting value for money.

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The boring Legal stuff

You know the license type you're paying for before you pay for anything and a contract is generated for every purchase. So no worries about what happens when anything happens.

Earn While You Create.

With AmplifiHub it's easy for music makers in Africa to get paid while doing what they love. So whether you are a music producer, sound engineer, artiste, songwriter or video director, AmplifiHub is the right place for you.

Who Are We?

AmplifiHub is home to many professionals who make good African music. You can sell African beats, buy African beats and offer professional African music making services here.

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African music has gone beyond the streets of Africa. Don't be left out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Guarantee I Will Sell Beats Here? arrow-down

Every market place is competitive and so is AmplifiHub. We provide the platform for the beat buyers to find your beats but we also recommend you put in some work as well to promote your store via social media, email etc. so it's up to your beats to be suitable enough to convince an artiste / beat buyer to purchase. If you find out you are not making sales then it's largely due to the fact that you have to get better at making beats. Bottomline? We guarantee you ears for your beats. it's up to the listeners to purchase.

What Are The License Types? arrow-down

Glad you asked. Ampilifihub operates on three license types: Lease Tier (Non-exclusive), Exclusive licenses Tier and Premium Tier (work for hire). You can read more on our license types here. A Non-exclusive license (Lease) where the beat owner creates a beat that can be used by more than one user who purchases the beat. None of the users in this regard can claim sole rights to the beat created. This license will also be determinant on various factors which include but not limited to: Time of lease(period), exploitations. This will be determined between the beat producer and user. An Exclusive license where the user pays to the beat owner an higher price than the non exclusive option to have the option to use the beat alone to the exclusion of other users. The beat producer shall retain all title, rights and interests contained in the beat created and earn continued royalties from the same accordingly. A Premium License (Work for Hire) includes where a beat Producer creates a beat tailored specifically for a user who then purchases the beat and executes all agreements to transfer title, rights and interest contained in the composition created to the user and can claim sole rights to the beat. This is a royalty free option.

I Can't Find The Beats I Just Purchased arrow-down

Check your "My Purchases" page or email [email protected]

What can I use the beats for? arrow-down

The majority of licenses on AmplifiHub are recording licenses. This means you are most likely licensing the beats to use to record a new song and make a music video. While this is the case for most licenses, some licenses will include using the beat for other use cases, like TV or video. If you are looking for licenses for sync or gaming, please contact us directly.

When can I make withdrawal? arrow-down

You can make a withdrawal seven (7) days after you make an earning and it has been recorded as such.

Do African music producers sell globally here? arrow-down

Yes, we offer our services globally. So, with AmplifiHub all African music producers / beat makers have the opportunity to get lots of ears and eyes on their beat catalogue.

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